Chapter Four English-speaking Countries

We have given a fairly thorough introduction to “English as a world language”. Otherwise we have chosen to focus on just some aspects of some of the most well-known English-speaking countries.

This topic is extremely suitable for letting pupils research countries and aspects of countries that they are interested in.


Pupils can:

  • make a table comparing several English-speaking countries with regard to certain aspects (size, population, etc.)
  • place the countries and their capital cities on a map of the world
  • collect “Fast Facts” from other English-speaking countries, for example here: BBC Country Profiles
  • give a presentation on a well-known person from an English-speaking country
  • produce a text on an English-speaking country
  • give a short presentation on the main current local stories in an English-speaking country. Here are many of the world’s online newspapers. Here is the UK edition.
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