Step by Step

By Desmond McGarrighan


STEP BY STEP is a new textbook in English for the Vg1 General Studies course and the Vg2 Vocational Studies course. It follows the revised curriculum and is specially designed for speakers of minority languages in Norway and students that require a differentiated approach.

Key features

  • Three versions of most of the longer texts, allowing students to work with a level of language that is suitable for them. In this way, students who need to can start with an easier version of the text, and then move on to a more challenging one, learning more “step by step”.
  • Each text is followed by a variety of exercises which focus on understanding what has been read, as well as on different aspects of language.

This website is the STEP BY STEP website. It has a large number of varied, differentiated self-test exercises where students can work with the texts they have read, and with grammar, spelling, vocabulary and text structure.

Step by Step – textbook

STEP BY STEP is published with the support of the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training.


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